40th Anniversary/Reunion concert

On October 24, Special C will celebrate the 40 year anniversary of forming in Chicago as a full-time touring and recording bluegrass band. We find it hard to believe that the band has been continually touring across the USA (performing in every state except Hawaii) since 1975 and also visits Canada, mainland Europe, Ireland and England on a regular basis. The band has also completed tours in Australia and South America. Special C could never have lasted so many years without the continued support and friendship of so many of you, our true friends and fans. You have lodged us, fed us, repaired our vehicles and offered financial support and we are forever grateful. The band legacy is well established only because of the fantastic musicians who have given their all throughout their time in the band – it has been and continues to be a wonderful journey thanks to the fine people who have contributed to the Special C experience.


Special C has had 41 actual members and many more excellent substitute players over the years. Because we only have a few hours for the concert, only current and former members who have recorded with the band will actually perform songs from the recordings on which they originally appeared. We hope that other band alums will attend as well to visit with everyone throughout the course of the evening and we will greatly miss seeing some of the alums who will be on the road performing with the bands they currently tour with and are thus unable to be part of this concert.


Current band members Greg Cahill, Rick Faris, Dustin Benson and Dan Eubanks will be joined by band co-founder Marc Edelstein, Robbie Fulks, Chris Jones, Don Stiernberg, Dallas Wayne, Ollie O’Shea, Tim Dishman, Ron Spears, Paul Kramer, Justin Carbone, Marty Marrone, Darren Wilcox, Drew Carson, Tim Wilson, Scotty Salak, Chris Walz, Keith Baumann, Ed Walsh, David Thomas and Dennis White for this show. Many of these great musicians are still actively performing and touring and we are very grateful they have taken time away from their busy schedules to come in to participate in this event.


We are truly excited about seeing many of the “Special C bluegrass family” on October 24!