Australia tour 2014

Our brief trip to Australia was very enjoyable – we made many new friends, saw beautiful countryside  and played a lot of music. We left our home cities on Tuesday afternoon and met in Los Angeles to fly to Melbourne together. We arrived Thursday morning and were met by Alan Davidson, father of our friends Lachlan and Hamish, the Davidson Brothers. We had lunch, went to our hotel for showers and then headed out to do a radio show. Lachlan took Rick and Greg to dinner and for a walking tour of downtown Melbourne (Dustin and Dan rested at the hotel). Friday morning was filled with a radio show phone interview and then an in-studio performance before riding to the MountainGrass Music Festival in Harrietville (a four hour drive – thanks to our driver Eleanor for an enjoyable ride). We performed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, did workshops, had pictures taken near kangaroos and participated in jam sessions into the wee hours each night. What fun to meet and make music with so many great musicians! We were glad to see another American band at the fest – Chris Henry was on tour in country with his band and brought the band to the festival for performances on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, Eleanor drove us back to Melbourne for our show with our buds the Davidson Brothers at the Northcote Social Club, a really cool venue in the city. We had a great time – a perfect way to end our brief tour before heading home Tuesday morning. Crossing the date line was certainly interesting – our flight departed around noon and we all were home (via a stop in L.A.) by early Tuesday evening (after traveling over 25 hours). We hope we can return to Australia sometime soon – the people are very friendly and welcoming and the country is beautiful.