Special C Tours Europe

We had a wonderful tour throughout Europe in May. The Buhl festival was a huge event – we enjoyed playing with all the fine bands from over there in addition to our friends Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and Valeris Smith and Liberty Pike. Our German friends Guntmar and Anja arranged for two shows, made us excellent dinners and shared their home with us. John and Rita brought the band back to Bavaria, where we stayed in their inn dating back to the 1400s (Mozart stayed in the room Dustin slept in). Our friend Dan Dorschel generously lodged and fed us in Denmark and Arne and Fleming arranged for several shows there (and helped us tremendously with planning travel). Michael and Niles were very good to us as well. Kjetil and Are were superb hosts for our shows in Norway. Didier shared local cuisine and the beautiful town of La Roche with us in France before and after our show and old friend Paolo made sure we were most comfortable at the Willisau, Switzerland festival – where we again played with many great European bands and Valerie Smith. We look forward to coming back to Europe in the next year or two to see all of the many friends we have made over the years.